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Wayne Coyne is addressing the scathing open letter penned last week by the Flaming Lips' former drummer Kliph Scurlock. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the frontman calls Scurlock a "compulsive pathological liar" and gives his side of the story.  The former drummer claimed Wayne fired him under false pretenses back in March when he voiced his opinion criticizing friend of the group Christina Fallin for wearing a Native American headdress. 

Wayne is now apologizing for having offended anyone by using the headdress as a joke on social media, but says the incident had nothing to do with Scurlock's firing.  He says he and the rest of the group had "struggled with him for years" and that his departure didn't seem "that significant" to them.  

He adds that Scurlock became a "lazier and more closed-minded musician" during his time with them, pointing to his criticism of Wayne for collaborating like with pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Kesha. 

Putting a bottom line of the drummer's exit, Wayne says, "If you're going to be that hateful, you can't be associated with the Flaming Lips." 

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