As a 911 operator, Layla Wray is used to keeping her cool while talking to distraught callers.

That professionalism was challenged, however, when the caller turned out to be her 14-year-old daughter.

As KTRK News reports, Layla is often the only dispatcher on overnight duty at the Sheriff's Office in Madison County, Texas. When a call came in after midnight on Friday, Layla thought the number seemed familiar.

But it wasn't until the caller spoke that she realized she was talking to her daughter, Cassidy.

According to KTRK, the recording of the 911 call began:

“911. What's your emergency?”

“Mommy. Mommy. It's Cassidy. The house is on fire.”

The panicked teen told her mother that the fire had started on the porch. She added that her father, brother, and their dogs were all in danger. As Cassidy wailed “Mommy. It's going to burn us all,” Layla assured her daughter that help was on the way:

“Alright. Alright. Calm down. Calm down. I've already got somebody en route. Okay? It's okay.”

Throughout the call, Layla remained professional— except for one moment, where she admitted to KTRH News Radio that she slipped into “mom-mode.” When her daughter and son begin bickering over their father's instructions to move something away from the house, Layla can be heard saying:

“Y'all do not need to be fighting over this. There's other [expletive] happening.”

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