Q: "I want to be on the radio! What do I do?"

February 27, 2011 at 7:40pm

I host a radio show featuring music from Colorado (and surrounding regions).  If you're a "promising local musician" and you've got some material you think would be suitable for airplay, I'd love to hear it.  There are two ways to submit material.



If you only have one or two songs to submit, you can e-mail me mp3s. A few requirements:


* Please make sure the e-mail subject is "INTRO: (band name)".  If I've played your music on the show before, make the subject "NEW MUSIC: (band name)"

* Please rename the mp3 like this: (Band Name) - (Song Name).   I've gotten busy and simply saved songs to my hard drive to listen to later, which becomes problematic when they're called "Track 4" or "new mix".

* Please make sure the song has a bitrate of 128 or higher.  If you don't know what that is, find somebody who does.

* m4a's are fine.


E-mail the mp3s to alf933@gmail.com.



If you've got more than two songs to submit, please send me a CD.  A CD-R is fine.  It'd be nice if you included a mini bio and a link to your band's website (personal, Facebook, Myspace).  A full-on promo package is nice but not required.  Send it to:




4695 South Monaco Street

Denver CO  80237



I usually sit down to listen to local music once a week. It's usually Monday, but that can change depending on my schedule.  If I really like the song, it'll probably go straight on the following Sunday.  (Unless I've already played your band, in which case it'll be played when it's your "turn".)  If I really don't think the song will work, I'll e-mail you and explain why.  Most of the submissions will end up in between - in the "new music" folder.  I pull two songs out of this each week to premiere on Locals Only, and I try to contact the bands week-of so they'll know they'll be on.  If you haven't heard from me at all within a month of you sending your music (saying at least that I've gotten it), please e-mail me and I'll see what the deal is.



Do NOT fire up your street team to inundate me and the station with requests for your song/band.  This is lame.  I've been doing this for over a decade now, and it's always extremely obvious to me when it's being done.  It will not help get your song on the air (or back on the air) any faster - if anything, I'll consider you somewhat of a nuisance and be less inclined to play it.  Let your music do the work for you.  Best bet - write and record a song so kick-ass that I can't NOT play it.