... but here are a few tracks that blew my skirt up this year.  Yes, I realize that I didn't play a lot of them on the air... many are songs with less mass appeal and more mass appall. Many are really worth checking out.

10. Wild Belle - Keep You

9. Major Lazer - Scare Me (featuring Peaches and Timberlee)

8. New Beat Fund - Scare Me

7. Future Of The Left - Singing Of The Bonesaws

6. Pissed Jeans - Cafeteria Food

5. Kongos - Come With Me Now

4. The Oh Hello's - Hello My Old Heart

3. Death Grips - Come Up and Get Me

2. Everything Everything - Cough Cough

1. Brick + Mortar - Locked In A Cage

All over the place I know... Google them though.  They stand out.